Apple Cidar Vinegar

An Apple A day keeps Doctor Away

Through the ages, vinegar has been used for various household and cooking purposes. In French, the word “vinegar” actually means “sour wine.” but how many of u know the benefits of vinegar…??? Vinegar is known to have anti-fungal abilities and to kill harmful bacteria and pathogens, so traditionally people used to clean their homes, bodies, and to fight off fungus from forming. Continue reading “Apple Cidar Vinegar”

Is Fashion Jewellery poisonous???

Low-cost jewellery made with cadmium, a heavy metal that can be particularly toxic for kids.

Beware all!!! especially  people who buy low-cost jewelry from popular fashion chains. New research has found toxic levels of cadmium, a heavy metal that can be particularly toxic for kids. Simply wearing jewelry does not cause harm, but sucking, chewing on or swallowing it can cause many harmful effects to children’s bodies, including death. Also Children’s bodies more readily absorb the toxic metal.  Cadmium is a known carcinogen, which can lead to kidney failure, bone loss and other complications in those who are chronically exposed over time. Continue reading “Is Fashion Jewellery poisonous???”

Eye cancer Detection Using a Smartphone…

The pupil of the child’s eye will appear bright white in the photo, in contrast to the seemingly healthy-looking eye in the poster.

New report suggests that it will be easy to spot eye cancer if you have a smartphone. The camera on our smartphones can detect eye cancer generally found in children under the age of five, reveals a British non-profit organisation working in the field of childhood cancer. The flash from a smartphone camera can easily spot retinoblastoma (Rb), the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT), which works in the field of childhood cancer, said. Continue reading “Eye cancer Detection Using a Smartphone…”

Slow Learners Vs Fast Learners


Why are some people able to master a new skill quickly while others take longer? This was the question posed by many. Now, researchers have discovered exactly what happens in the brain of these two types of learners and why children are so adept at picking up new abilities.

Scott Grafton and colleagues from the University of California, the University of Pennsylvania, and Johns Hopkins University measured the connections between different brain regions while participants learned to play a simple game. During the six-week learning period, the research team examined the participants’ brains with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to track something different than typical fMRI studies. This technique measures neural activity by tracking the flow of blood in the brain, highlighting which regions are involved in a given task. They discovered that the quickest learners show different neural activity in comparison with the slower ones. Continue reading “Slow Learners Vs Fast Learners”

Please Have a Nap Before Exams.

Baby Nap

Late night studies, gallons of coffee followed by anxiety attacks were the study tools for student’s day before exam. Students don’t worry , there  is a better tip for scoring … Take a short nap … The Researchers at Saarland University in Germany have found that a power nap of just 45 minutes can boost memory by five times. A short doze helps you to retain information you have learned and significantly improves recall, scientists said, meaning naps really could help students revising for exams. Continue reading “Please Have a Nap Before Exams.”

Biopsy Using Smart phones.

Biopsy Using Smart phones.

Don’t get surprised…The camera on your phone could soon help save your life by testing to see if you have cancer. Yes, cancer can be diagnosed in less than an hour using a smartphone app… A smartphone-based device developed by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), US can help doctors perform rapid and accurate molecular diagnosis of cancerous or non-cancerous tumours.In a recent study, the researchers describe a smartphone-based device that uses technology for making holograms to collect detailed microscopic images for digital analysis of the molecular composition of cells and tissues. The device, called the D3 (digital diffraction diagnosis) system, features an imaging module with a battery-powered LED light clipped onto a standard smartphone that records high-resolution imaging data with its camera. These images can then be sent to a central computer for analysis and then the result returned in less than 45 minutes.Let’s see how D3 will work.  Continue reading “Biopsy Using Smart phones.”

Surgery Assisting Robots From GOogle…!!!!

Google Aided Surgical Robotics

Beyond its main business of Internet search and advertising, google is becoming more innovative in health care field. You heard it right….  In its latest endeavour the google will develop surgical robots that use artificial intelligence. The google has recently teamed with pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson to build robots that could assist surgeons in the operating theatre. Continue reading “Surgery Assisting Robots From GOogle…!!!!”

Healing With a Feeling….

Natural healing that has its origins in the Vedic culture of India.

Ayurveda means science of life… Since “Ayu” is life and “Veda” is science… Ayurveda hails its origin from 5,000-10,000 years back when ancestors inquired of the world they lived in. They looked around at the world on which they lived and wondered about the meaning of my life? They knew the world around them was fraught with challenges and potential dangers. How can I stay safe and healthy they pondered. They got the answer from nature in the form of Ayurveda. Thus it can be said to be the oldest medical system of the world. Continue reading “Healing With a Feeling….”