Is Jack fruit a substitute staple food??

Which fruit is the largest tree fruit in the world, do you think you could get the answer? Yes, if u said Jackfruit, then u r right. Our own jackfruit. Jackfruit is the largest known tree borne fruit. Even a small jackfruit weighs in at 10-15lbs (5-7kg), and farmers have recorded specimens of more than […]

Magical Graphene Sieve for Sea water

About 97 percent of the Earth’s water can be found in our oceans.With ever increasing needs of growing population, the problem of pure, clean drinking water is alsogrowing. Providing clean drinking water for millions of people who struggle to access adequate clean water sources is still a challenge. Scientists from the University of Manchester, led […]

New State Of Matter Is Here…

How many states of matter do you know about? It’s not just solids, liquids, gases, and maybe plasmas that we have to think about when we talk about the states of matter. Beyond these there’s an entire catalogue of matter alternatives: Bose–Einstein condensate, degenerate matter, supersolids/superfluids, quark-gluon plasma, etc. The difference is that all those alternatives are lab-created […]

i-ROAD- Fun & Future

I-ROADS…!!!!! Heard familiar…. Yeah it’s the same thing that Toyota has unveiled in 2013, a new three-wheeled, fully-electric, and Personal Mobility Vehicle (PMV) with i-ROAD city concept Electric vehicle.


Don’t be surprised when a woman absentmindedly strokes her hair in public. She might be actually activating any one of her smartphone apps… Though sounds unlikely, it is possible now. A Brazilian inventor, Katia Vega, has developed an innovative new wearable gadget that allows users to discreetly control electronic devices by just stroking their hair.

The Li-Fi: Internet Revolutioner

Due to the increasing demand for wireless data communication, the available radio spectrum below 10 GHz (cm-wave communication) has become insufficient. The wireless communication industry has responded to this challenge by considering the radio spectrum above 10 GHz (mm-wave communication). The answer to increasing frequency congestion as Internet usage continues to rise across the world […]

Eye cancer Detection Using a Smartphone…

New report suggests that it will be easy to spot eye cancer if you have a smartphone. The camera on our smartphones can detect eye cancer generally found in children under the age of five, reveals a British non-profit organisation working in the field of childhood cancer. The flash from a smartphone camera can easily […]

Time for Robo-Chefs…!!!

Don’t have time to cook breakfast in the morning? Or tired and don’t feel like cooking dinner… In the future, a robotic kitchen may take care of that for you. The robotic household help has been the ultimate in futuristic dream products.

Low Battery?? Yell at your Phone to Charge it….

Imagine that one day you could charge your mobile phone, just by placing them in noisy areas or by yelling at them. Then you don’t have to struggle for the dead phone battery while travelling or during an outing when you are away from power sources. It’s no more an imagination…. Scientists have come up with a […]

Is Dandelions Future Rubber Biotechnology?

Dandelions often referred to as an annoying weed. But something good is found now. This undemanding plant has now becoming the focus of attention of the rubber-producing industry. Researchers have discovered that dandelions have key components that they can use for rubber production.