Magical Graphene Sieve for Sea water

Producing potable water through desalination may become more efficient and less energy-intensive if researchers at the University of Manchester are able to successfully use graphene oxide (GO) membranes to filter common salts in seawater on a commercial scale.

About 97 percent of the Earth’s water can be found in our oceans.With ever increasing needs of growing population, the problem of pure, clean drinking water is alsogrowing. Providing clean drinking water for millions of people who struggle to access adequate clean water sources is still a challenge. Scientists from the University of Manchester, led by Dr Rahul Nair, show how they solved some of the challenges by using a chemical derivative called graphene oxide. An effective and less energy-intensive desalination process using graphene has been developed which could give millions of people access to clean water. Continue reading “Magical Graphene Sieve for Sea water”

New State Of Matter Is Here…

The Jahn–Teller effect, sometimes also known as Jahn–Teller distortion, describes the geometrical distortion of molecules and ions that is associated with certain electron configurations.

How many states of matter do you know about? It’s not just solids, liquids, gases, and maybe plasmas that we have to think about when we talk about the states of matter. Beyond these there’s an entire catalogue of matter alternatives: Bose–Einstein condensate, degenerate matter, supersolids/superfluids, quark-gluon plasma, etc. The difference is that all those alternatives are lab-created and don’t have much place out in the real world of nature. Researchers at Japan’s Tohoku University came up with an entirely new state of matter with an unusual combination of properties—insulator, superconductor, metal, magnet. The team, led by Kosmas Prassides, says they’ve created what’s called a Jahn-Teller metal by doping rubidium, a strange alkali metal element, into buckyballs, a pure carbon structure which has a spherical shape from a series of interlocking polygons. Continue reading “New State Of Matter Is Here…”


Hairware Is A New Wearable Technology That Lets You Operate Your Smartphone Via Your Hair

Don’t be surprised when a woman absentmindedly strokes her hair in public. She might be actually activating any one of her smartphone apps… Though sounds unlikely, it is possible now. A Brazilian inventor, Katia Vega, has developed an innovative new wearable gadget that allows users to discreetly control electronic devices by just stroking their hair. Continue reading “Hairware”

The Li-Fi: Internet Revolutioner

LiFi is a wireless optical networking technology that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for data transmission

Due to the increasing demand for wireless data communication, the available radio spectrum below 10 GHz (cm-wave communication) has become insufficient. The wireless communication industry has responded to this challenge by considering the radio spectrum above 10 GHz (mm-wave communication). The answer to increasing frequency congestion as Internet usage continues to rise across the world is provided by Light-Fidelity (Li-Fi). It’s a very exciting technology that has been on our radar since Professor Harald Hass gave a TED talk on the topic back in 2011. Continue reading “The Li-Fi: Internet Revolutioner”

Eye cancer Detection Using a Smartphone…

The pupil of the child’s eye will appear bright white in the photo, in contrast to the seemingly healthy-looking eye in the poster.

New report suggests that it will be easy to spot eye cancer if you have a smartphone. The camera on our smartphones can detect eye cancer generally found in children under the age of five, reveals a British non-profit organisation working in the field of childhood cancer. The flash from a smartphone camera can easily spot retinoblastoma (Rb), the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT), which works in the field of childhood cancer, said. Continue reading “Eye cancer Detection Using a Smartphone…”

Low Battery?? Yell at your Phone to Charge it….

A technology allows you to charge your phone battery by yelling at it.

Imagine that one day you could charge your mobile phone, just by placing them in noisy areas or by yelling at them. Then you don’t have to struggle for the dead phone battery while travelling or during an outing when you are away from power sources. It’s no more an imagination…. Scientists have come up with a postage stamp-sized microphone out of paper that could boost your phone’s battery regulating sound.  Continue reading “Low Battery?? Yell at your Phone to Charge it….”

Unobtrusive Thumbnail Trackpad NailO

NailO turns your fingernail into a tiny trackpad

Just imagine, you had to turn the recipe page on your laptop or tablet while you are preparing a meal or you have to send a message while attending a meeting. Sounds difficult isn’t it? Not anymore… The researchers have come up with a novel solution that allows discreet one-handed input via a surface that’s always readily available. Yes it’s useful in situations where gestures or speech input could be considered impolite or inappropriate, or both hands are busy. Continue reading “Unobtrusive Thumbnail Trackpad NailO”