Bluetooth 5.0

Many of us have experienced, a stoppage of music due to loss of connection while roaming freely in home with your speakers plugged in your ears. Its due to poor connection or poor range of your bluetooth.. But losing connection is a concept of the past with brand new Bluetooth 5. This means that you’ll […]


Don’t be surprised when a woman absentmindedly strokes her hair in public. She might be actually activating any one of her smartphone apps… Though sounds unlikely, it is possible now. A Brazilian inventor, Katia Vega, has developed an innovative new wearable gadget that allows users to discreetly control electronic devices by just stroking their hair.

Unobtrusive Thumbnail Trackpad NailO

Just imagine, you had to turn the recipe page on your laptop or tablet while you are preparing a meal or you have to send a message while attending a meeting. Sounds difficult isn’t it? Not anymore… The researchers have come up with a novel solution that allows discreet one-handed input via a surface that’s always readily […]

Who invented Selfie stick??

Everyone knows what a selfie stick is. The selfie stick is a small, articulated monopod with a clever bit of plastic attached that can reach where human arms can’t, would catch on. Do you have any idea when the first selfie stick was invented? In fact, the selfie stick was invented before selfies themselves even […]

What is Bluetooth Technology?

Bluetooth is a current industry standard for short-range wireless connectivity. Bluetooth technology is widely used in consumer electronics for short-range wireless data transfer, like printers and digital cameras. It operates efficiently within the range of 20-25 ft in the environment without WLAN equipments. Bluetooth signals operate in the same frequency range as WI-FI (802.11b, g) […]