Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5

Many of us have experienced, a stoppage of music due to loss of connection while roaming freely in home with your speakers plugged in your ears. Its due to poor connection or poor range of your bluetooth.. But losing connection is a concept of the past with brand new Bluetooth 5. This means that you’ll be in the kitchen with your phone and can start playing music from the speaker in your bedroom. Isn’t the future is so bright???

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Too Much Sitting Can Kill You….

Sitting has serious consequences for the weight of individuals, the posture of many people, and ultimately the lifespan.

Sitting for long hours can kill you… A recent study by Medical College of Wisconsin, US, warns us that sitting for long hours every day is associated with increased coronary artery calcification that can increase the risk of a heart attack. According to the research, each hour spent sitting, regardless of the time spent exercising, boosts the chance of a heart disease by 14 percent.  The results suggest that exercise may not entirely counteract the negative effects of a mostly sedentary lifestyle on coronary artery calcium. Continue reading “Too Much Sitting Can Kill You….”

Portable Fuel Cell

Portable fuel cell

Commercialisation –catalysing the industry. Electricity is becoming as much a problem in the 21st century as it was a solution in the 19th and 20th centuries. Global demand for electrical energy is increasing, in areas as diverse as mobile phones and household lighting, driven by the basic power needs of emerging economies and ever increasing consumer demand for electronics. We are using more power than ever, and our existing sources are starting to feel the strain. Fuel cells should be the answer to some of these power problems, providing effectively limitless run-times at a reasonable price. Recent technological advances have brought this 1830s power technology into the spotlight once more with reduced costs, better performance and higher reliability. Continue reading “Portable Fuel Cell”