Hope You Don’t “Wanna Cry”

Salted Hash Ep 23 RELATED ARTICLES allscripts insider pdf primary Allscripts: Ransomware, recovery, and frustrated customers cyber attack 4 open-source Mitre ATT&CK test tools compared scale balance compare apple os versus windows 10 os Microsoft Windows 10 vs. Apple macOS: 18 security features... See all Insider WannaCry is a ransomware worm that spread rapidly through across a number of computer networks in May of 2017. After infecting a Windows computers, it encrypts files on the PC's hard drive, making them impossible for users to access, then demands a ransom payment in bitcoin in order to decrypt them.

“WannaCry” first discovered on Friday, May 12th2017, had spread to an estimated 57,000 computers in more than 150 different countries around the world by the end of the day. Some experts said the threat had receded as of Sunday, in part because “MalwareTech” registered a domain that he noticed the malware was trying to connect to, limiting Wanna Cry’s spread. Microsoft also issued emergency security patches for a range of Windows versions. But the Hackers updated the software to another variant which spreads more rapidly and creating more havoc. Infact, second variant doesn’t have a kill switch and is responsible for 50% of all attacks . Continue reading “Hope You Don’t “Wanna Cry””