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Dealing with the design, construction, and operation of robots.

Time for Robo-Chefs…!!!

Don’t have time to cook breakfast in the morning? Or tired and don’t feel like cooking dinner… In the future, a robotic kitchen may take care of that for you. The robotic household help has been the ultimate in futuristic dream products.

Surgery Assisting Robots From Google…!!!!

Beyond its main business of Internet search and advertising, google is becoming more innovative in health care field. You heard it right….  In its latest endeavour the google will develop surgical robots that use artificial intelligence. The google has recently teamed with pharmaceutical giant Johnson &…

Robot-assisted surgery

Robot-assisted surgery is the latest development in the larger movement of endoscopy, a type of minimally invasive surgery–the idea being that less invasive procedures translate into less trauma and pain for patients. Surgery through smaller incisions typically results in less…