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Spot the SPOT ….

Wants another pet…? Here is the Spot….

New Breed of Robot Dog Climbs and Trots
Spot is able to see the environment with a rotating sensor on its back, situated between the front two hydraulically-powered legs.

Google-owned technology firm Boston Dynamics unveils Spot, another masterpiece robot. Spot is incredibly impressive and maybe a little bit terrifying.This puppy-like robot is a four-legged robot weighing only 160 pounds that can navigate rough terrain and office cubicles alike, i.e. it is designed to walk on any terrain… And he’s quiet, so you might not see him coming. It is a  miniaturized version of its Big Dog quadrupedal bot. Spot has a sensor-laden head and can be used indoors and out, and could eventually help with search and rescue, mapping, or accessing disaster zones. Spot is electrically powered and moves using a system of hydraulic pumps and valves, according to the company,

More interesting and disturbing part of all is, the android pup, though skids and stumbles, stays upright despite a few hefty kicks to its side, which you can see for yourself from the video… The compact, lighter, self-balancing, quit bot, with its natural and organic movements in the video looks very much like living things and these features make it quite adorable Spot could be used to enter areas too dangerous for humans to occupy, or bring important supplies to destinations too treacherous for regular robots and too wooded for drones. Surely this newly introduced bot reminds us that robots will one day take over our world…

This robots are capable of self-balancing even you kick the Spot, It is too smart because it even can follow you similar to your dog… And also capable of doing any task you assigned.  Of course even if it’s at its early stage of development, we can expect it in our daily life like for emergency rescue, helping defense personals, helping in carrying foods and supply to remote place in case of natural calamity. Even if can use these robot’s for exploring other planets, which is very effective.

In future definitely we can see these type of robots similar to our structure.