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Hybrid Bike

Helloo, everyone out there, I found this news in EFY site . It’s great  if somebody develop this kind of things. It will help future generation to grow well. This wonder bike of 120cc capacity is likely to go on sale in May 2010. Bengaluru-based Eko Vehicles has launched the world’s first hybrid motorcycle called the ET-120. Developed in collaboration with US-based Emerging Vehicle Technologies, the ET-120 model is expected to go on sale in May 2010. The ET-120 is the first hybrid two-wheeler, that comes fitted with an electric motor and a 70cc petrol engine.

Eko ET-120 will give a fuel consumption figure of 120 kpl, according to the company. It offers maximum speed of 65km/hour with a gradient  climbing capability of  8 degree.
The Eko Et-120 has thee engine modes :

  • Only electric – when the bike will run on battery for 40 km on full charge
  • Only petrol – it will give 65 km a litre
  • Hybrid – both electric and petrol will run together to give 120 km a litre of petrol
  • When the bike is on hybrid mode the battery will be charged automatically in the running and there is no need for charging.

The vehicle will cost you around Rs 40,000. The state government is considering tax subsidies to promote the Green Technology hybrid automobiles. So why waiting, grab one…